CAVOK (KAV-OH-KAY) is a meteorological acronym referring to the simultaneous occurrence of clear skies and good visibility. When the financial conditions or circumstances of our client’s lives are unclear, our objective is to assist in “clarifying” financial objectives in order to procure “visible” results.

That’s been our mission since the very beginning—helping our clients see their goals with greater clarity and to illuminate the best path for them to move forward. In this role, our advisors and subject-matter experts have provided services as far-ranging as retirement planning, wealth management, investment consultation, and beyond. Simply put, we’re here to help our clients achieve their goals, all the while safeguarding them against the unexpected.

Years of Experience

CAV_OK Family Office brings more than 20 years of experience to the table; since our inception, we’ve developed a breadth of knowledge about finance; this is what best distinguishes us from our peers.

Our team consists of numerous financial experts whose greatest asset is the capacity for active and engaged listening. We’ve discovered that, for most of our clients, encountering a financial professional who truly practices active listening is a rarity. Yet for us, it’s essential. Not only in the initial meeting, but every time thereafter. By listening to the goals, challenges, and uncertainties of our clients, our peers, and our neighbors, we can offer meaningful support that becomes the bedrock of each of our relationships.

In fact, listening is what gave us our start. In the days before CAV_OK, our company founder was tasked by a wealthy relative with complex financial management. He hardly knew where to begin, but started sitting in on meetings with experts, absorbing everything he could, to develop a real knowledge base. It was active listening that led to early success in financial planning, and ultimately to the inception of CAV_OK.

Today, we are proud to provide financial clarity and empowerment to individuals and families all across the country. We take pleasure in nurturing relationships with each one of them, and in helping them achieve success in their life and work—however they happen to define it.

Reach Out to Us

We’d love to get to know you, to hear about your financial goals and to provide you with a road map that’s empowering and illuminating. Start the conversation by reaching out to CAV_OK. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.