Saving for 2020
06 / 25 / 20

Saving for 2020

The popularity of “mud runs” have exploded in recent years. All over America, adventurous adults relive their childhood by crawling in mud, climbing obstacles, and racing to the finish line. 10 miles of grueling impediments can knock anyone back on their heels. However, there is a certain type of person who usually fairs quite well in this type of setting. While it’s not surprising, those who intensely train to run the course typically outperform their peers who participated simply looking for a “fun time.”

2020 has certainly seemed like a mud run of its own. Just when you finished your 100-yard belly crawl in muddy slush, you are greeted by a towering 10-foot wall to shimmy up. While nearly everyone has been met with the same daunting obstacles that 2020 continues to present, there are a group of people who are currently navigating this year successfully. Those who prepared for this demanding trial are emerging victorious. They saved for a time like this.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote an essay titled The Way to Wealth in 1758. In it he wrote, “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” This adage still rings true today – 262 years later. If we take the appropriate steps of saving and investing our money wisely during prosperous times, then during rough patches we can take solace in knowing that whatever the situation may be, it too shall pass.

We recently hit the halfway mark in this 10-mile obstacle course 2020 has set for us. When the mud dries and the finish line is in the rearview mirror, remember what Benjamin Franklin wisely advised. That way, when the next mud run starts, you will be ready.

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