All families have unique financial needs, but some of those needs are more complex than others. Ultra-high net worth families tend to have especially complicated needs. Our job here at CAV_OK is to help simplify those complexities as much as possible, all with the ultimate aim of assisting these families in their goal execution. To that end, we are pleased to offer a Family Office service—a boutique shop where these high net worth families can find comprehensive financial care.

At CAV_OK, we approach our clients’ financial lives with the upmost curiosity. This proclivity for curiosity opens the door for constructive dialog which ultimately results in goal execution. In order to execute your family’s goals, we assume the role of financial mediator and representative. Execution consists of: extensive knowledge of assets, apprehensive understanding of significant documents, cultivating relationships, attentive of substantial dates, mindful of the “why?”, and emphasis placed on task execution. Our objective is to serve as a financial ambassador for families by executing sound wealth strategies aimed at retaining and growing their fortune. We’re here to sustain your family’s wealth for generations.

As with everything else we do at CAV_OK, our Family Office services begin with active and engaged listening. No two families have ever come to us with the same set of needs. Our priority is listening carefully to what it is you value, desire, and hope to achieve. We can then put together a road map to achieve all your goals as efficiently as possible, so we may provide the daily management you need to carry out that plan.

Communication is a key component of our planning strategy. We want you to view our Family Office service as an opportunity to form a lifetime relationship with your advisor. We pride ourselves in always being accessible to field questions, regardless of the topic. Often, clients call us wanting to know what we would do in a particular financial situation, and our experts are ready to answer these questions with both insight and candor.

More than anything, we want to get to know your family and its goals, and to establish a relationship based on trust—helping you feel empowered to contact us with any needs, goals, or issues that cross your mind.

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