Senior Partner
James Blakey

What started in 1994 as a favor for his wife’s grandfather has grown into a prosperous business and a lifelong career in financial planning. During his spare time as a pilot with American Airlines, James studied financial planning. While facilitating his family member’s finances, James was startled to discover the absence of collaboration between financial services. In order to distinguish himself and offer uniformity to clients, James desired to deliver a financial service that encompassed financial planning, tax planning, investment and insurance. “One stop shops” in finance were rare and James acknowledged the demand for them. Eventually, James opened Davidson Accounting in 2001 with the goal to assist more people. Now, he currently serves as a Senior Partner at CAV_OK. James’ accrual of financial expertise through his decades of practice is an invaluable asset to our clients.

James realizes the complexity of finance, however, his sensible approach to money helps him relate to his clients. He aims to coach his clients instead of simply manage their finances. James dedicates himself to transforming financial dreams into reality by envisioning client ambitions. Convinced that everyone has value, James promotes a culture of relationship building at CAV_OK. James firmly adheres to the notion that relationships are powerful tools used to construct life lasting freedom of finance. James insists that what he accomplishes for people now is a glorified version of how he helped his wife’s grandfather in the 1990s. Delivering clients services including daily money management, investing, tax planning and preparation, accounting and bookkeeping, cash management and budgeting, along with other services, all reflect the demand for a comprehensive financial experience James recognized over two decades ago.

A perpetual learner, James claims over fifteen finance related certifications. In addition to quenching his constant thirst for knowledge, James enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He attends Panther and Hornet games when possible with his family and considers himself an avid sports spectator.

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