CAV_OK (KAV-OH-KAY) is a meteorological acronym referring to the simultaneous occurrence of clear skies and good visibility. When the financial conditions of our clients’ lives are unclear, we help them to clarify objectives and procure visible results.


To help families clarify their financial goals and navigate their path to success through wise counsel, planning, and project execution.


To improve and empower families’ lives across generations as they pursue their passions, work, and life goals, guided by a strategy that was consciously designed and fulfilled.



We meet your personal and financial needs with sincere interest. We are engaged and active listeners. Our curious approach is fundamental to the depth of our relationships and our ability to produce creative solutions.


We help you not only to enjoy the benefits of your wealth but also to include your family in a responsible way. Bigger than any one individual, we encourage a mentality shift from ownership to stewardship. We engage and develop other family members to become well-equipped leaders and stewards – which ensures family wealth is sustained and long-term goals are achieved.


We know your personal and financial circumstances intimately. We are your historians, recalling the sequence of decisions made over the years and the conversations and conditions that informed them. Our talented team spans three generations, ensuring continuity for you and your family for years to come.


We manage your financial strategy, planning, and execution across all disciplines. We oversee the total picture – responsible for the relationships, communications, and processes required to drive your family’s projects and tasks, big and small, to completion.

Meet the Team

The CAV_OK Family Office team is devoted to sustaining our clients’ wealth and well-being. Reach out to CAV_OK to start the conversation.