There Is Nothing New Under the Sun
01 / 30 / 13

There Is Nothing New Under the Sun

How should America pay its debt? As a part of his solution, Jefferson organized a dinner, believing that compromise could be made. "No deal means disaster. It was clear, Jefferson wrote, 'that if everyone retains inflexibly his present opinion, there will be no bill passed at all for funding the public debts.[5]" Thus, over dinner, compromise was made. "Madison agreed to ease his opposition to assumption," and to "soothe" those southern states, it was agreed to build the capital along the Potomac River.

To step out of our world and into another from the past is to offer ourselves sharper rational when looking at our current political situation. It seems the debate over our nation's debt has already happened. The arguments from the White House and the GOP are not their own, but of our forefathers. History tells us... we are rehashing old issues.

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