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Seth Honea

While in college, Seth began looking for internship opportunities to build relevant work experience before launching a career in finance. In 2001, Seth teamed up with James as he was starting his financial planning practice. The internship experience with James inspired Seth to pursue a career to help families build and execute on a vision for their families’ future by becoming a trusted adviser and leveraging multi-disciplined, financial planning approach.

Since that time, Seth has been successful professionally in various financial services roles from financial planning and advice to leading large scale change, fin-tech initiatives, building teams and developing constructive relationships. Seth has often been the “go-to” person to lead large and complex efforts under challenging circumstances requiring a high level of skill in adaptability and creativity to achieve strategic long-term goals; skills also ideal for assisting families with complex and challenging financial situations.

Personally, Seth, as a musician, has also built and led multiple music programs for various Christian ministries and churches in the Charlotte area and has served as the primary worship leader at his church for 8 years. The eldest of 8 siblings, he is the family leader and organizer often providing personal counselling and financial advice to family members. Seth has a wife and four children, lives in Davidson, North Carolina and is a regular participant in F3.

Now teaming up with James again, Seth leverages the skills and experiences developed over the past 18 years of financial services and change leadership experience to support our families in achieving their financial dreams.

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